My Life in Munich

With the New Year comes a new world - living in a foreign country. Who knows how long we'll be here - hopefully long enough for me to learn some German and see a lot of Europe.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hello and Welcome

Today is my first official day as an 'Accidental Hausfrau'. Gerard is back at work and I've got the house to myself. So, I've done the laundry and the grocery shopping, like every good hausfrau and now the rest of the day is mine!

It's cold here again today (I know, winter in Europe, what did I expect?) more snow overnight. It's obvious I'm not a local, because I still find snow a novelty and get excited by the prospect of more. Of course, it helps that we only have a few cm, so we can still get on with life as usual.

Naturally, I'm taking photos of everything! I'm sure that people wonder what I'm doing, taking photos of the sign at the U-bahn station and the snow covered cars, but it's all a part of my 'Project Life' for 2010. Yes, I am going to try to take a photo each day (well, some days will be more) to document this first year here. I'll share the photos here as well, so everyone can keep up with my very exciting world!

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  1. hi Sue, welcome to Munich. I live here as well and love it!