My Life in Munich

With the New Year comes a new world - living in a foreign country. Who knows how long we'll be here - hopefully long enough for me to learn some German and see a lot of Europe.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Congratulations Chris and Loredana!

Well, the big day has been and gone, and I am now a Mother-in-Law!

We all had a wonderful day. After a week of storms the big day dawned warm and clear. By the time we were getting the Groom and Groomsmen dressed, we knew we were in for a heatwave.

In what may be an historic moment, the Bride actually arrived EARLY!!!! and looked stunning. The ceremony went smoothly, despite the heat. Then on to photos in the park and the reception.

Interestingly, the highlights of the day for me were the 'little things' - the Groomsmens' tissue runs to the couple, Dana mopping the perspiration from Chris' face with aforementioned tissues during the homily, the suggestion by the chauffeurs of the gorgeous park for the photos, Rhonda and her magic minty foot cream and the little kids, who danced their hearts out and had a wonderful time. I couldn't believe we had 2 year olds still going strong at 11pm!

Congratulations again Chris and Loredana. We love you both and wish you a long and happy life together.