My Life in Munich

With the New Year comes a new world - living in a foreign country. Who knows how long we'll be here - hopefully long enough for me to learn some German and see a lot of Europe.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Grüß vom Oktoberfest

I'm not sure who it was who called his Circus 'The Greatest Show on Earth', but I can tell you that he was NEVER in Munich in the last 2 weeks of September. Yes, that's correct - Oktoberfest is held at the end of September (usually finishing the first weekend of October), because the weather is better.

To be completely honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. Hundreds of thousands of visitors descend on the city for these 2 weeks and I'm not really a beer drinker, so I had some doubts. Not any more - this festival ROCKS, seriously.

I was brave, and bought myself a dirndl (yes - there will be a photo) and we booked ourselves for the opening Sunday, and an Internations event on the following Thursday. We then received another invite for the second Wednesday - well, I guess I need to get value for money from this dirndl purchase.

IT WAS AMAZING. It exceeded all my expectations. Yes, there were drunken idiots, but the were also fun rides, fun songs (and standing on the seats to join in is expected!) lots of great food and drink and mostly friendly people. I was rather glad to have a dirndl to wear - there are times when I'd rather be taken for a 'local' than an Aussie - and it is such a fun way to dress; so feminine.

In all, I ended up going to the Wiesen 7 times in the 17 days. 4 times specifically to attend in a 'tent' and 3 times for rides and to visit the Historical display they put on this year for the 200th anniversary. And I can't wait for next year.